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Miso Koji Starters (Powder type)

Higuchi Moyashi makes and sells koji starters perfect for the miso industry, drawing on our ideals of consistent quality and high purity, the ceaseless efforts of our research team, as well as the guidance of leading voices in the miso industry and miso related organizations. As research into miso making has advanced, expectations and demands for the realization of suitable koji starters have increased. However, given the variations in koji making such as in types of raw materials and koji-making machinery, standardization is not possible. Accordingly, as the necessity for a variety of koji starters has evolved, we have developed a wide range of miso koji starters to meet the diverse needs of miso makers. These products –including new products– are listed here. Please choose the one most suitable to your needs based on the distinguishing features in the table.


Rice Miso
Product Characteristics Saccharifying Power Protease
BF1 Pale color type; amazake Strong Strongest
BF2 Pale to red type Strongest Strong
BF6 Pale color type Fairly strong Fairly strong
M-242 Pale color type Medium Medium
W-20 Pale color type; white koji fungus; amazake Medium Medium
White Moyashi White koji fungus; amazake Fairly strong Fairly strong
Barley Miso
Product Characteristics Saccharifying Power Protease
Barley Yellow Koji Red type; sweet miso Strong Strong
Snow White Fungus Pale color type; white fungus Medium Medium
Barley White Koji Pale color type; white fungus Strong Strong
Soy Bean Miso
Product Characteristics Saccharifying Power Protease
BF3 Strong protease activity Fairly strong Strong
Hashimoto Good fragrance Medium Strong

Packaging: Powder type- 30g bag (sufficient for 200k of raw materials)

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