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Sake Koji Starters

Ginjo Starters (Powder and granular)

Over half of gold medal winning sake makers use these koji starters

Hikami Ginjo

Resistant to the top temperatures reached during the ginjo koji making process, this starter produces a koji strong in amylase and weak in protease.

High G

Ginjo koji should be strong in glucoamylase(G) and weak in -amylase. To make such koji various ways and means are applied, such as rice selection, polishing degree, steeping and controlling the koji-making process. The use of High G is effective in easily increasing the ratio of glucoamylase to -amylase.

Diamond Ginjo

For many years the koji fungus presently used in sake has been domesticated on rice, having been transformed from a wild strain to a fungus suitable for producing koji with rice. We grow Diamond Ginjo on Yamada Nishiki Rice, which is used for ginjo koji, making it a koji starter highly suitable for ginjo koji, especially if Yamada Nishiki rice is the raw material.

Sake Starters(Granular)


A superior strain prioritizing enzyme potency in particular is used.


Our leading fungus strain is used, easing the koji-making process and giving an excellent fragrance and flavor.

Sake Starters(Powder)

Hikami No.20

A fungus strain which propagates well and produces koji easily.

Hikami No.30

Contains fungus strains with powerful enzymes as well as good propagation and rapid multiplication potential.

Hikami A

A koji starter using a fungus strain with powerful enzymes and good propagation, producing a particularly fine fragrance.

Ace Higuchi

For machine-made koji. In particular, a fungus strain weak in oxidizing enzymes is used, alleviating concerns about browning.

Higuchi Funjo

A fungus strain particularly suitable for machine-made koji, crib (cloth-lined box) and tray koji. This is our best selling product in Japan.


Hakuho does not produce tyrosinase enzymes, the cause of browning, so it can be used with confidence. The koji-making proceeds in the normal way, producing a well propagated, pure white koji with excellent fragrance and flavor.


A new type of koji fungus which heightens a sake's fragrance. ("Kaori" means "fragrance").

High Saccharification Fungus

Uses a fungus strain with even stronger saccharifying power than Moto.

Liquid Mashing Type

For a liquid mash, a koji highly productive in glucoamylase is required. Liquid Mashing Type is a fungus strain uniquely strong in glucoamylase production. This starter ensures good alcoholic fermentation.

Granular type- 200g bag (sufficient for 200k of raw materials)
Powder type- 70g bag (sufficient for 200k of raw materials)


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